Sunday, December 21, 2008

Extending the BIRT Google Spreadsheet ODA

I've extended the Dataset UI in the BIRT Google ODA that Scott Rosenbaum posted in BIRT World . The Google ODA utilizes the Google Spreadsheet API and I've extended the UI, by giving a graphical user interface in the custom Dataset page.

From OpenReports

From OpenReports

The Dataset page now initializes a "Google Spreadsheet Model" which contains the
a drop down of the list of available Spreadsheets in the model. Selecting a given
spreadsheet will list the selected Worksheets for that Spreadsheet, and in turn
display the Worksheet-based feed in the form of
I've added a few helper classes to initialize the Spreadsheet in the Dataset UI.
You can actually test this out as I've included the modifieid source code,
and both the designer and ui jars.

Simply take the files:
(Designer UI plugin)
2. org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.google_1.0.0.jar
(Runtime ODA Plugin)
and place it in the plugins directory of BIRT.

This has only been tested in BIRT 2.3.1, and I currently used JDK 6 to build these jars.
Thanks again toScott Rosenbaum for supplying the initial source code. This example actually helped
me develop my own custom ODA for work.

You can download the ODA Plugin here:

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